Filtering the water feature can be done in many different ways.  Some will choose to go the easy way and add chlorine or bromine to the water fall and/or pond system.  This will keep the waterfalls clean, but depending upon the stone or rock chosen for the waterfalls and pond, the chlorine may leave a white ring on the edge of the ponds water level.  The more porous the rock is,  the more of the chlorine it will soak up.  There is also a great waterfall filtering product on the market called “Fountec”, and this product does not leave any marks on any stone or rocks on edge of pond.  This “Fountec” is a chemical and is not safe for fish, but water plants will do fine in your water feature.

If you want to create an all natural waterfall or pond, you will want to install an ecosystem.  This ecosystem can come from an array of products out there.  The idea of the water feature ecosystem is the utilization of micro-organisms to filter the water.  These beneficial micro-organisms will eat the algae and bacteria in the water to create crystal clear water, for beautiful waterfalls.  If you desire fish in your pond you will need to install an ecosystem to filter the pond water.