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How to Build a Pond

"Where should I start?" is a question we get asked every day.  The best way to answer that question is with another, "What kind of pond do you want?"

You should consider what type of aquatic life you want in the pond. Is it going to be goldfish, koi, frogs or turtles? Or is your main concern for the aquatic plants? Perhaps you only want the pond for the sound of a waterfall. Each type of pond will need to be planned for its specific features. The most common problem new water gardeners have is that their pond is too small. A small pond limits the number of fish and plants you can add,


A water garden typically contains both goldfish and a variety of aquatic plants. Water gardens in moderate climates usually need for an area of the pond to be at least 2 feet deep. These ponds will require a constant water flow for aeration of the water, as well as an ecosystem filtering plan like the “Aquascape Ecosytem”.
A pond Kit is highly recommended to provide all the proper parts and filters for a clean water garden. These kits will include A Bio fall filter that will house the microorganisms that eat the algae and bacteria in the water. This unit is the main filtering device that is produced by mother nature herself. These beneficial microorganisms will continue to reproduce and create a colony that will keep your water crystal clear.

This filter has a built in “weir” waterfall ledge and will be the first cascade in the water feature. Along with this filter is the skimmer unit that will sit in the pond edge. This unit will house the pump, mesh filter, leaf catcher and auto fill unit. The skimmer will “skim” the top 2” of water from the pond thus trapping almost all leaf debris in the leaf catcher. After the units are set in you can lay the liner down, rock the water feature, add plants and lights, then enjoy.


A koi pond is built utilizing the same steps as the water garden, but will require a few added considerations. A koi pond will limit the amount of plant life available to be grown because koi eat some plants. A koi pond should also be larger because koi get quite large despite the size of the pond, it is recommended that a koi pond be no less than 1000 gallons in volume (about 6’x7’x3’ deep). We would highly recommend a pond around 10’x12’x4’ deep . The koi will grow more chubby and round when in water more shallow than 3’ deep. The koi will only fill in their torpedo shape with deeper depths with higher water pressure. You also may want to install a back wash pump that will drain the pond from the bottom.


When you only want the sound or the view of the waterfalls without the maintenance and added filters, you can chlorinate the water. The feature will require only a skimmer for the leaf debris but no Bio fall at the top. This type of system should be built the same way as any water garden, only without the ecosystem. One should regulate the chlorine similar to a pool but with less chlorine.


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